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Protecting your money has always been important to us at First Liberty Bank and we are excited to offer Visa Debit Cards with chip card technology starting in January 2016.  We put together a list of questions you may have in order to help you understand the changes being offered with chip card technology.

How do I know if my card has the chip card technology?

The card will have a small metallic gold or silver square embedded on it.

How is the security improved from using a card with chip card technology over my traditional card with the magnetic strip?

The magnetic strip stores sensitive information along with unchanging data.  Fraudsters who gain access to your card can duplicate the card and begin making purchases by using your account information.  Chip cards contain a secure computer chip that validates the authenticity of the card and includes a one-time use security code in every transaction.  This prevents a thief from making any additional purchases with stolen card data.    

How is the process different when making a payment at a retailer/merchant?   

For retailers and merchants who have the chip enabled terminals, you will simply insert your card into the designated slot and wait for the transaction to be processed.  This process takes just a few seconds – after the transaction has been approved it will prompt you to remove your card.  If the merchant does not have a chip enabled terminal, you will swipe the card as usual.  Both process types require your signature.       

Why is First Liberty Bank offering cards with chip card technology? 

In the wake of recent data breaches and the increasing rates of fraud occurring all around us, First Liberty Bank is investing in new technology aimed at making your accounts safe from criminal hacking and data theft. 

Will I be able to use this card for online payments, telephone payments and ATM withdrawals?


Will my PIN number change?

No, the PIN on your chip-enabled card is the same PIN as on your previous card.

What if I want to change the PIN on my First Liberty Bank Visa Debit Card, am I able to do that?

Yes, we recently updated our ATM to allow customers to choose their own PIN number.  This will need to be completed at the bank’s ATM (located in our drive-thru).  Please note: if you forget your PIN you will be required to order a new card and PIN.

If I use my card for automatic payments or bills do I need to update any of the information with those payments?

Yes, the expiration date and CVV code will change so you will need to update your card information for each of your automatic payments tied to your card.

Do I need to activate the card before using?

Yes, as with any First Liberty Bank Visa Debit Cards, it must be activated before using.  You can activate your new card by making a withdrawal at any ATM machine or you can call the bank directly and ask us to activate it for you.

What do I do if I have additional questions?

Feel free to call First Liberty Bank at 405.608.4500 if you should have any additional questions, as we are always more than happy to assist you.


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